Occasionally, Wall Street Blaze will accept endorsement payments for the advertisement of publicly traded companies.

However, these advertised companies are not covered in our newsletters, nor our model portfolios. These companies are covered as “paid advertisements,” to increase public awareness of said companies.

Please note that these thinly traded companies are highly volatile and subject to wild price swings. These investments run the risk of substantial loss (as well as gain).

Companies covered in our regular edition newsletters are done so on an independent basis.

Wall Street Blaze does not own any positions in these advertised companies, does not buy or sell shares and does not purport to promote the buying or selling of shares of any company.

All such companies covered as “paid advertisement,” do not appear in regular edition newsletters. Descriptions of compensation for each “paid advertisement” are detailed in each such advertisement piece.

Again, companies covered in our regular edition newsletters are not paid advertising and have been researched independently by our editors.

Thank you.

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